Five Reasons To Speak With a Lender... Yesterday!

I always tell clients and prospective clients that if they’re even thinking about becoming a homeowner some day, to talk to a lender and ask for advice! Here are my top five reasons to speak to with lender as soon as possible.



Five Reasons...

1) You don’t know what you don’t know!


Firstly, talking to a lender will help set realistic expectations for the home-buying process. A lender can help point you in the right direction for which type of loan you need and help you understand the current market.

2) Sellers take you seriously.


Secondly, no one likes their time wasted, especially in the real estate market! Impress sellers with a pre-approved loan when you go to look at homes. This may make them more inclined to want to work with you. Who would you rather work with? Someone “just looking” or someone who is able to write the check?

3) Clarity in closing costs.


Thirdly, there is nothing worse than being surprised with an unforeseen expense! Minimize financial surprise in closing costs by talking to a lender beforehand. After applying for your mortgage, a lender will help you navigate what you may have to pay in closing.

4) You may be closer to homeownership than you realize.

Fourthly, many people who desire to be homeowners wait to talk to a mortgage lender because they assume they will not qualify for a mortgage. What they may not realize is they’re closer to their homeownership goal than they think. There are many factors that go into qualifying for a loan, and a lender is the perfect professional to ask for advice on how to be mortgage-ready.

5) Less paperwork to stress over.


Lastly, buying a house involves a lot of paperwork. Get ahead of the game by starting the process of getting your loan early. Your future self will thank you for planning ahead.

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The best part about getting advice from a lender? It’s absolutely free! You can also speak to more than one lender to get a more holistic understanding. Here's a helpful resource to get you started on choosing your lender today.

Which reason has you most excited about speaking with a lender?


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