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Four Reasons Why Home-Ownership is Always a Good Idea

Sure, you may have heard the naysayers scoff that since it’s a seller’s market, it’s not a “good time” to buy. While the forecast of real estate is always changing, I firmly believe that it is always a noble goal to own a home and will always benefit you in the long run, even in a seller’s market. Here’s why:


Four Reasons

You build your own wealth.

Regardless of the current market conditions, when you own a home, you are always building your own wealth. When you rent, you are always building your landlord’s wealth and your hard earned money will never return to you in the event of selling your home.

You always know what your monthly payment will be, and it's usually cheaper than what a landlord would charge you.

I remember those early college days as a young mom, struggling to pay rent and never knowing if rent was going to increase. Can you imagine the peace of mind knowing that the next letter in the mail will never be a note from your landlord notifying you that “they must raise your rent” for some seemingly heartless reason?

You can have full control on what the inside of your space looks like.

You will finally be able to fully move into your home and make the space your own. Now, if you like to have an eccentric yard, I suggest you make sure not to buy a home in an HOA. While this may seem like a silly reason, with lockdowns a reality for many of us, the ability to customize and create a safe place and sanctuary for yourself is of extreme importance and more value now than ever.

Tax Deductions

You work really hard for your money, and when you're a homeowner you get special tax deductions that you otherwise wouldn't qualify for as a renter. Bonus!

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There are so many more reasons as to why home-ownership is always a good idea, but I hope the four above were helpful! Are you ready to buy or sell a home? Contact me today and consider it done!

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