Five Frugal Back to School Shopping Tips

It feels like I blinked an eye and Summer is already swiftly coming to an end. That means that it is already back to school shopping season! Did you know that on average families are expected to spend about $850 on back to school shopping this year, a $150 increase from 2019? College students are expected to spend on average $1200 for supplies this year. Here are a few tips I've gathered from my experience of being a mom and a grandma.

Back to school shopping!

Save That Money, Honey!

Take Inventory of What You Already Have

Chances are you have a lot of items on those back to school lists already. Organize your office and school supplies into piles. Check markers, pens, crayons, etc. Piece-meal sets together and invest in reusable containers. Discounts stores have reusable crayon holders, pencil pouches, etc. that can help sets last much longer than they would in their original packaging.

Shop and Split Bulk Items

Split bulk deals with other families in your child’s class or amongst your children. Or if you’re in a place to and want to, you can always donate the rest to your child’s teacher. Most teachers have to front the cost of supplies for their classrooms. Did you know you can order bulk supplies from Dollar Tree online and pick them up at your store or delivered to your home? You can even save the extra supplies to have on hand for the rest of the school year. Don’t forget to include storage containers so you remember to use them and can find them!

Host a Clothing Swap

Host a clothing swap. We both know that your kid is only going to fit in those $80 jeans he had to have for six months, tops, so why not host a clothing swap with the other students in your kid’s class? This helps build relationships, reduces waste and can save everyone so much money. If your child is older, have them plan the swap and make it a shindig. 

Pop Some Tags At the Thrift Store

Go back to school clothing shopping at thrift stores. You’re bound to find some stellar deals in quality, timeless fashion at local thrift stores. Sure, you could go to corporate second hand shops, but try a google search for local thrift stores too, they tend to have more memorable pieces and you'll be making a more significant impact with your dollar, a win-win!

Plan, Plan, Plan

Remember that you do not have to buy everything for the whole year before the school year starts. Winter clothing always goes on sale during Black Friday shopping and you can always upgrade items as sales go on throughout the year and paychecks are spread out.

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Well there you have it! Some tips for back to school shopping. Which one was your favorite?

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