Harvesting a Practice of Gratitude

With October quickly coming to an end and the fun festivities of the late fall and early winter months approaching, whichever ones you and your loved ones choose to celebrate, it’s a perfect time to begin harvesting a practice of gratitude. With all of these, I suggest setting a specific goal length of how long you want to intentionally harvest gratitude for and find someone to hold you accountable. Whether you choose to do all of these suggestions or simply decide to try to be more intentional with gratitude, I hope they inspire thought, creativity and most importantly, gratitude. Here are five easy and fun ways you can start harvesting gratitude this season.


Five Ways To Harvest Gratitude This Season

Start each day by saying three things you’re thankful for

 You can say them out loud to your significant other or to yourself or get a group of friends on it and text each other first thing in the morning. Set a specific length of time for your goal for this activity. Just starting the day off with a heart of gratitude will go a long way.

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Between today and the end of the year, write down little things you were grateful for from the day. It could be something like a friend brought you a cup of coffee or you felt particularly blessed to be living in your new home. On New Years you can go through these as you reflect on 2021 and enter into 2022, remembering all the things you were grateful for and intentionally being grateful for these as we move forward to yet another year.


Sometimes the best way to be thankful for all that you have is to realize how much others truly don’t have. Pick an organization and charity that matters to you and start volunteering! After each time you volunteer, write down how you feel, what you learned and what you’re grateful for.

Send gratitude notes to friends and family for all that they do for you.

The art of thank you cards is dying, and I think it’s time to bring it back. People don’t know you’re thankful for them if you don’t tell them. This can be geared towards a specific thing they did for you, like helping you out with something that took their time and resources, or simply a “I’m so thankful you’re in my life and I miss you dearly” card can work for this activity.

Gratitude rocks, so paint gratitude rocks!

Paint gratitude rocks and hide them around town like the gratitude ninja you are. This activity is great because it’s relaxing and brings joy and art back into the community and is wonderful for a rainy day, which we have heaps of here. You can write little positive notes or something like “I’m so grateful you’re here today”, “keep smiling”, “You are loved”, etc or simply intentionally work with color to emote gratitude. The world is your oyster on this one and the best part is there are no wrong answers, just cultivating a grateful heart.

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So there you have it, five fun and creative ways to harvest a practice of gratitude in your life. Which one will you do first? Please let me know which ones you try!

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