Interview with Carmen: Why I Became a Real Estate Agent

So you know Carmen's a Real Estate Agent, and a great one at that, but have you ever wondered why she made the switch to real estate? And more importantly, what her secrets to success are?


Keep reading to find out!

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Why I Became A Real Estate Agent

Question: Why did you become a Real Estate Agent?

I previously worked for State Farm Insurance and loved everything about my job. I was a trainer and inspector, teaching contract law and quality control for compliance to other adjusters. I had always dreamed of becoming a real estate agent when I retired so when my job became an unsuitable environment for me, I decided to make the switch to real estate and haven’t looked back! I’m thankful for the situation that happened at my previous job because it catapulted me to more success and freedom in Carmen Ruby Homes. Everything definitely happens for a reason.

Question: Do you use your degree at all?

I studied mathematics in school so I think you can argue that I always use my degree. But no, not really. However I did learn how to learn at school, and math teaches a lot of problem-solving techniques that have definitely come in handy as an agent.

Question: What do you like about being a Real Estate Agent?


I love the opportunity to meet all different sorts of people and also help them improve their financial health through home ownership. I love all parts of real estate, but my heart is in helping new homeowners. It’s such an exciting energy to be around. Real estate is a significant life changing experience for people, and I like to be a part of that. To be successful in real estate you have to be really passionate about helping people, and I am.  Also, I’m damn good at what I do.

Question: How does your real estate business operate differently than others?

I really focus on getting referrals and am willing to put in the work to get them. Many real estate agents will take any and all new clients with the goal of serving them only one time. I’m more interested in being your family and friend go-to real estate agent. I love working with clients I’ve had before and continuing my relationship with them. I’m interested in being your realtor for life, if it’s a good fit!

Question: How Do You Get Referrals?

I always stay in contact with who I’ve worked with and always network with my inner circle. I try to do one home value analysis a day, but usually accomplish three a week. I’ll go through my contacts, choose someone, run an analysis for their home and then give them a call letting them know I have some information for them about their house. I usually try to hand it to them in person too to really focus on making a connection. 

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