Three Places To Explore Near Tacoma This Spring

With a year into lockdown and the anticipation of brighter days after a long Winter, you may be antsy to get outside and feel the warmth of the sunshine and hear the birds sing once again. Keep reading below to discover three (hopefully new to you!) places to explore near Tacoma this Spring. I've already done the work for you and provided directions. Click on the link to start your adventure!


Let's Explore!

Kobayashi Park (University Place, Washington)

Tucked away in the neighborhoods of University Place lies a beautiful oasis of trees, a creek, a little waterfall, fresh air and picnic tables. Although you may need some rain boots in the Spring after a Washington rain, it’s quite muddy there, a picnic here will not disappoint, providing a sense of calm to those who escape to here.

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Swan Creek Park (Tacoma, Washington)

Unless you were a local you would have no idea that in the heart of Tacoma lies 373 acres of trails and forest, with varying levels of difficulty and great terrain for biking. The trails are well-marked and maintained, and there are trails suitable for the avid hiker and the occasional stroller. Swan Creek Park has it all. The sound of the creek, chatter of the birds and squirrels, earth beneath your feet and fresh forest air will surely make you forget you’re in the city and help you center yourself.

Photo Cred: Tonmay

Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park (Tacoma, Washington)

The Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park is in its own class of beauty. It is rooted in history and honors the challenges Chinese immigrants faced in Tacoma, including the mayor of Tacoma forcing Chinese workers to leave town to Portland. This park is a peace offering between Tacoma and the Chinese community but also serves as a beautiful reminder of the importance of regrowth and reconciliation in these unprecedented times. Although rooted in rich history, this park does not fail in the nature department. Filled with a garden of beautiful flowers, a breathtaking view of the waterfront, a gorgeous bridge, beautiful sculptures and access to the beach, Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park provides people an escape from the city, with an irresistible call for inner reflection.

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So, there you have it. Three places to explore near Tacoma this Spring.
Which one do you think you’ll try first?

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